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Your one (1) vote
is your powerful voice!

I have zero money from lobbyists, developers, bankers, or corporate executives. Of course we will work with every one. But Special Interests can not control the City's agenda.

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Let's gang up to protect our island home!

FACT: It’s the 10,000 hardworking employees who keep Honolulu operating. The Mayor does not do the real work; the Mayor sets the culture and direction for Honolulu Hale.


I want to be the independent Mayor who puts Residents First! I want to be the Mayor who lifts all boats!


I’ve been participating and observing Honolulu Hale for over 20 years.  We know what’s going on!


It’s hard to see the wrong direction Oahu is heading and not resist! Oahu can be so much better!

As Mayor, my primary kuleana is to ensure safety, peace, cleanliness, prosperity, and sustainability for you

and future generations.


The handwriting is on the wall--if the city does not control its “Tax & Spend, Tax & Spend” culture, many more will be Priced Out of Paradise. Escalating property taxes hurt fixed income residents and force higher rents for tenants. Many are already working 2-3 jobs. Kupuna cannot retire. Residents can't save to buy homes.


We can't rely on the old "Tax and Spend, Tax & Spend" mentality. We need to make logical and bold decisions to secure our future. The escalating costs of the Honolulu Rail Skyline are  ballooning. We must reset and contain the rail  so our basic core services and other needed projects are not undermined.


Our neighborhoods and businesses deserve safety and ease.

Our residents must be able to live and thrive here.


Let's vote for ourselves!

Your happiness, prosperity, and welfare matter to me!

Many of our community members face economic and social pressures, holding 2 or 3 jobs to survive. Some seniors have to delay their retirement to keep up with the costs of living. We have more residents leaving Hawaiʻi, in part due to escalating costs of living.


We must protect the happiness, prosperity, and general welfare of our Residents First!

It shouldn’t matter if we’re young or old, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, military or civilian, unionized or not, we all have the same dreams for ourselves and our children. We are all in the same canoe. We can be fair and reasonable in decision-making; we can all win!


As Mayor, I will be open to your ideas, concerns, and dreams.  I will pay attention. I will work to support your ohana's  happiness, and prosperity in Oahu.


I also believe the role of the government is to stay out of your life as much as possible, by not placing undue burdens on you!

We all deserve to live in a safe, clean, healthy, and prosperous Hawaiʻi.

Together, let's plan for the next seven generations.

Rail Skyline is a Money Disaster 

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I'm  originally from Singapore and I appreciate efficient multi-modal transportation. 

My trusted friend Natalie Iwasa, CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, and I have been participating and observing City Hall for the last two decades. 

We must stop social media games and be honest with the Public. Status Quo will not cut it. The Rail Skyline is out of control. If we do not control and reset these project costs, our children will pay for today's mistakes.
















 Oahu will forever be burdened with escalating property taxes, fees, and costs of living to feed this antiquated monster. 

Imagine the billions of dollars that Oahu could use for other nice city projects and housing, if we don't have to keep feeding this rail money monster.

As Mayor, I will do the following:


I will gather all stakeholders, including City Council and HART back to the round table to analyze this project. INDEPENDENT experts in contracts, legal, costs-analysis, engineering, budget, environment, cultural, and others will be invited.

The public will have its say in this much needed reassessment. 


Should HART be dissolved? 


Should Rail Skyline be under the Transportation Department?

There will be no sacred cows; no tail wagging the dogs. There will be no hiding behind or blaming the FTA. FTA is not the monster or the Wizard of Oz behind the curtains. FTA is here to help and respect State Rights. 


There should be no managing Rail Skyline budget  through Public Relations handlers and insulting the Public Intelligence.

I have zero donations from lobbyists or PACs. I can be 100% independent to question the project with independent industry experts.

Together with all stakeholders and Oahu residents, we can decide the most pragmatic solutions for Oahu.












The Honolulu Rail started in 2006 at $2.7 Billion. It's now at $11 Billion and not completed.

The Maintenance & Operations costs are unclear.

The 2012 Porter Report warned the city that it could not support both the Rail and its core services. The city ignores these warnings but continue to engage a "sunk-costs" Status Quo. 

Mayor Blangiardi does not tell you that over $712 million was approved for Rail for the city 2025 budget. Every year,

big chunks of money is eaten up by rail but the Mayor has not told you about it, has he?

Additionally, portions of the Rail is in the Honolulu Sea Level Rise Inundation Zone.


Why are we ignoring the City's own data? 


Why is the city throwing hundreds of millions ( and billions) of dollars into this without further consideration?

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Change begins with questioning Status Quo!

Question the Status Quo 

How many billions of dollars has Oahu received from the Federal, State, County, and Private Funding for the past ten years?


Is Oahu obligated to provide "housing" for every resident who comes here?


What is the definition of a "Hawaii Resident"?


How "affordable" is "affordable"?


Short-term "bandage job" or long-term planning for housing?


Why is “Affordable” Kokua Hale building struggling to get renters in Chinatown?



The "Singapore Housing Model" is often quoted by politicians in Hawaii. Singapore has a Central Provident Fund for Education, Health, and Housing. All employees pay into this fund. The Singapore government invests this fund and pays positive annual dividends.


Note that Singapore does not have lobbyists or developers or unions as their middleman in its housing agenda.


There is no one magic bullet to “affordable” housing. This is worldwide problem. Oahu competes with international and out of state rich investors due to the US Constitution. But Oahu can do a lot!

I’ve been in residential real estate for over 30 years. There are preparations needed for qualifications into homeownership or rentals.


Additionally, putting Residents First means local building, financial, and related  industries have first opportunities,to assist Oahu's housing needs, not out of state or foreign corporations. 

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Property Tax CAP for Owner-
Occupants of 20 years or more

in addition to addressing the houseless and affordable housing needs, we must support our long-time residents to help stabilize housing in Oahu,


Many of our kupuna on fixed income are worried about being priced out of their house & home. Property taxes, insurances, utilities, maintenance, and other related expenses are escalating. Our kupuna worry that they will not be able to pass the family home to their children.


Our owner-occupants provide long-term stability and support to our communities. They are the glue that holds our good communities together! ​​ 


I have worked in the real estate sector for over 30 years. I've seen the pressures on our residents. This is a matter of priority and values. I've been told that there is no money. However, my many years of civic participation at City Hall tell me there are too many pork projects, play-to-play, and wasteful expenditures. Let's put our Residents First!



Stand with Choon!

We're completely grassroots & Volunteers!

No Donations from Lobbyists/PACs

 YOUR BEST DONATION is telling your friends and family to consider voting for me!

Choon James

- for MAYOR -

We will not have fancy and expensive

TV or brochure ads. But we have YOU.


 We have no big money from Lobbyists

or Corporations. You don't have to donate.

We only humbly ask for YOUR vote.

Help us take the

Government Back!

Mahalo piha!

© 2024 by Choon James 

Paid for by

Choon James For Mayor

PO Box 404, Kahuku, 96731

TEXT  1 808 293 9111

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