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CONTROL & RESET Honolulu Rail Skyline

Cities Rise and Cities Fall based on their fiscal management.

I'm originally from Singapore andI appreciate rail transit, but this one was problematic

from the get-go.

The Rail project started in 2006 at $2.7 Billion.
It's now $11 Billion and NOT completed.

You already know about the runaway costs and endless mishaps. You see continuous disastrous headlines about this antiquated project. Every time there is an honest report about the rail, the public is overwhelming venting their frustrations.


But the Mayor's powerful media team is forcing their narrative about his "transformative leadership."  There is a parallel universe between the public sentiments and city hall.


Rail needs a major  and honest re-assessment.


My trusted community advocate, Natalie Iwasa, CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, and I

have been at this for decades. We know what’s going on. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

















As your Mayor,

I will gather all stakeholders back to the roundtable. We will have INDEPENDENT experts in contracts, legality, cost-analysis, engineering, budgeting, environment, cultural, and others vet this project again. We will be honest and pragmatic in decision-making. The public will have its say.


There will be no sacred cows; no tail wagging the dogs. I will not hide behind or blame FTA. Its role is to help States and respect State Rights. FTA is not an ogre.


There should be no managing Skyline through public relations handlers and thus insulting the Public Intelligence.

Should we dissolve HART? 

I will assume that everyone involved in this project had good intentions and come from a good place. We can all work together in improving this rail situation. We will all be better off.


Imagine the many other nice things Oahu can have when we control this money monster. In fact, local building industry and union workers will have more opportunities because they would not have to compete with out-of-state and foreign competitors as much.


I have zero donations from lobbyists or PACs. I can be 100% independent. I don't have a big ego or hold grudges or have any personal profiteering schemes. Many of us just want to control this money monster and not force our children to suffer for today's mistakes. Let's work together. We can do this!


​​We cannot continue another 4 years of Status Quo.

The rail is now competing with other city core services for funding. The 2012 Porter Report warned the city about this! Oahu deserves basic municipal services and much more!  Imagine the nice things we can have with the Rail "pork".























Here's another secret kept from the Public


Many small businesses and owners have been destroyed along the rail ROUTE. But, many more will face eminent domain aka "Land Assembly" between the city and private developers along the 21-square-mile CORRIDOR. The city should disclose this to the public so residents can prepare and plan their lives.







We can enjoy a more green, beautiful, safe, prosperous, and sustainable island home.

We must contain Rail NOW. Or more residents will be priced out of Oahu through escalating property taxes, fees, and costs of living. Residents are already working 2-3 jobs. Seniors cannot retire in order to survive here.

​ I don't collect money from Lobbyists or PACs. We are independent. We can easily put you Residents First.








Portions from Middle Street to Ala Moana Center is in the Honolulu Sea-Level Rise Inundation Zone.



Why are we throwing good money into this inundation zone?

Why is Mayor Blangiardi 100% ignoring this?





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