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I'm from Singapore. Politicians here are always saying how clean, beautiful, and efficient Singapore is. There is no reason why Oahu can't be better! Putting our Residents FIRST is the first step!


I've called Hawaiʻi home for more than 40 years. My husband, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, and I have been married for 40 years. I'm a mother of 4 Eagle Scouts and a daughter. Our household speaks French, Tahitian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Fijian - we enjoy the world! We have 12 grandchildren. I love everything about Hawaii. I love its good people who are always so generous in sharing and giving.


I was educated under the British Cambridge Education System in Singapore. We were taught the classic literature works, the arts and sciences. We were also required to take classes in basic electricity, woodwork and metal work during our secondary (high) school years! On Saturdays, we support our clubs and communities. 


I came to Oʻahu when I was 17 and graduated with a BA in English and Minor in TESOL. I worked myself through college. I've been a successful small business woman in the real estate sector for over 30 years. Oahu's quality of life, housing struggles., costs of living and sustainability of our island home are major concerns to me.


My decades of civic involvement are mainly focused on public interest, good government, fiscal accountability, environment, and land-use issues. I've served in various capacities, such as founding college and community associations. I've served on hospital, land-use advisory, and alumni boards. I had the privilege to serve on the Oʻahu Grand Jury for a year. I enjoy volunteering and working with our women, youth, and college students associations. Like many of you, I was a soccer, PTA mom and Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor. I also provide volunteer counseling for real estate. 

I've been participating in civic affairs since I was a teenager in Singapore. We would go in pairs to collect donations for charities or volunteer at a Children's Home and so on. I was always interested in public affairs and my surroundings.

I can't exactly explain what made me  very interested in public affairs. Maybe it was because of my seven brothers and two sisters. Maybe it was my best friends who were Chinese, Muslims, Indians, Malays, with different cultures and beliefs. It could be the young German stranger who came to live with us or the houseless man my mother took in. Or perhaps, the foreign reporters living near us covering the Vietnam War.  Or, it could be simply living in an off-grid attap home with a "single" mother of 10 children; she was the second wife.


There were always a lot of discussions and learning. We received tons of free materials from the American Embassy with books on American figures like Buffalo Bill, Will Rogers, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and so on. We learnt to love the US Constitutional rights in addition to the British Rules of Law.


There were always exciting conversations about anything and everything while the adults drank beer, ate duck feet, and fresh cockle shells. There were always good and bad guys in the stories. We always wanted to be on the good side to save the world!


I'm running for Mayor because Oahu needs to make some tough decisions today. I've personally participated, observed, and analyzed City Hall for the last two decades. We must take back  the government!  We must put Residents First! 


To put it in a most polite way, I KNOW what's going on at City Hall! We have urgent needs that must be addressed for Oʻahu today. There is much to do! We can definitely accomplish much together.

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My 34-years as a successful small business woman require that I solve challenges and obstacles promptly and to every one's agreement. I listen to all, discuss the issues at hand and offer solutions to each one's understanding and agreement.  Our industry standard requires a 100% consensus with full disclosure and transparency to all affected parties.


This requirement is certainly higher than the city's Majority Rule where the minority loses. I've worked with billions of dollars through the years. I'm frugal by nature and so I notice clearly what's happening to your hard-earn money. ( I'm also the only candidate who has been bird-dogging and testifying at the City's budget process for the past 12 years!)

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Additionally, my real estate profession has also given me frontline knowledge about Oʻahu's residents. Some use their own private jet while many others struggle to stay afloat.


My profession requires me to find solutions and results promptly with all affected parties. My other volunteer civic work has enlarged my perspectives on Oʻahu's needs and solutions.


My life-long involvement are across the board including land-use, affordable housing, international women and youth organizations. I continue to enjoy my international friends throughout the world. I still have a large family in Singapore. My lifelong international exposure and interactions  broaden my views and thought-process - Live local and think global - is a good theme for our family.

I love you! I love Oʻahu. I want you to be happy, prosper, and succeed. You deserve a clean, safe, and thriving environment. We need to make Oʻahu a better place for future generations. 


My kuleana as Mayor is to promote your happiness, prosperity, safety, and general welfare in a sustainable and resilient manner for today and future generations.  


I sincerely hope I can persuade YOU to stand with me.



We run our campaign on a shoestring budget. I cannot afford expensive campaign fanfare. I'm not accepting donations from Lobbyists or PACs. But we have YOU! I need YOUR help to share the message! I can win for you only with your vote. I'm 100% confident that I cannot be bought and sold. I will put our Residents First! Please share this with at least five of your friends. Mahalo piha!


Together We Can,



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