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Transparency & Civic Participation

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

As Mayor, I will post my meetings and who I met with at the end of each week on the city website. Department Directors and Deputies will do the same.

I support Free Press and Civil Rights of our residents. We will offer the good news and not-so-good news; we will not spin or engage in disinformation. It is your government!

I will insist that ALL records are maintained and never deleted or changed after-the-fact.

County Department directors and I will be available for Q&A, YOUR concerns and solutions at town meetings throughout Oahu.

Should a controversial legislative bill be requested from the Mayor’s office, I will host a friendly initial meeting-of-minds with the affected public to encourage robust factual dialogue prior to drafting the proposed bill. This will provide more mutual understanding and give-and-take prior to the much more structured Council hearings. It will lessen strife among our residents and increase mutual understanding amongst affected parties.

I would urge the Council to implement technology to allow the public to testify from their own location.

As Mayor, I will support and promote a more public-friendly city hall. All county employees are paid by taxpayers and must be courteous and responsive at all times. As Mayor, I will not place pressure on any city personnel to work against the City Charter, State Constitution, and the US Constitution.There is only one handicap stall fronting Honolulu Hale, which is not acceptable. I would work to provide a 24/7 hotline for confidential sharing of possible legitimate wrongdoing or pertinent information. (One is innocent unless proven guilty.)

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