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Safe, Clean & Green Environment

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Unequivocally, we must maintain and support all segments of our frontline personnel, including the police, fire, ocean safety, and EMS. As Mayor, I will do my best to provide them all the necessary support and equipment needed to help them do their job. We want every frontline personnel who goes out to work to come home safely to their loved ones. Our communities also deserved to be safe and free from harm.

We all deserve clean air, clean water, clean soil, and clean food. Food Sustainability and Environmental preservation and protection are critical to our healthy survival.

Our parks and public places must be safe, clean, and maintained carefully. We need to plant more green foliage for Oʻahu. We must mālama our small island. Situations such as needles in parks and beaches or human waste in public places cannot be acceptable. It cannot be tolerated.

I have been an environmental and social activist since I was a high-schooler. We also work on our family organic farm. I will work very hard to protect our island home and its fragile environment. So many of you have worked tirelessly protecting and preserving the environmental aspects - social, cultural, historical, economic and environment for decades. We appreciate all our helpers, sung and unsung. Hiki nō, kākou! Together, we can!

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